Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 8 Jul 2015 05:17
After rolling around on the country side we are supposed to be in the capital of Australia.
Well so far it looks still like the countryside. Tomorrow we will most likely move into the city centre and explore more.

Before I forget I should probably just mention that Andreas was laying beside me one morning and I think he is starting to realize that a new life is coming up.
He started to think about Salsa and the fact that we are selling her, "how can we sell her? She is part of the family?" was his question over and over again...

Being on the countryside, along the wineries, but maybe more than anything, rolling hills and sheeps is amazing, but even that can become enough efter a while.
In comparison with the sea, the sea wins...
But we had a great social part of our traveling, Donnas father Ron who proposed the track we are following did invite us to see him and his wife.
So of all places in the world we ended up in Harden
We hooked up our camper at the local camping ground and then Ron picked us up and me met Robin his wife.
But not only them, actually their son an grandchildren had just arrived as there is a school holiday.
Then their daughter showed up with her sons, well it became a big "party" with Mexican food etc.
Next day they took us on a sightseeing to Young with surrounding areas and at night we ate at a local restaurant.
Much fun and great way to get into Australia a bit more!
Today we left Harden in the morning and drove off to Canberra, first museum was the Dinosaur museum as it is on the way in.
It was a great experience!
Now we are plugged in on a campground that must be the ugliest we have been in so far...