Where is now?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 19 Sep 2014 21:52
It is 5.30 Saturday morning, the silence is returning. Now we can hear the birds again and honestly we can hear the fish chasing each other, the big going for the smaller that desperately try to find their survival in the air by jumping out of the water, and after comes the biggy with a big splash.
The supply boat just left after being here all night. They arrived late yesterday and started to load/unload but when darkness set in I guess they could not go through the passage so they stayed all night.
The supply boat was a big event, when it came into sight I thought something was wrong with my eyes.
When it came even closer I realised that whoever built that ship did not believe in straight lines. It must have been designed by Hundertwasser (yes check him out on google, you might fall in love with his architecture!).
Not only was she a piece of art but they had loaded her on one side only I guess, she was leaning heavely to starboard.
12 hours before she arrived people from the village started to come down to the beach and boil mussels, they prepare them for their relatives in Suva.
When the ship comes they get them on board in the refrigerator and off they go. We got a bowl of mussels and made a delicious soup last night.
The mussels are found in the lagoon and there is plenty. The villagers walk/dive for them and you find that the women do the job. And not only that, since they shall not show their shoulders/knees etc, they do the job in gowns. Heavy for sure, and our host Salote (yes we checked now, this is how she spells her name) who does that a lot tells us it is very heavy to dive in a full dress.
Well back to the ship, a few hours before she arrives things start to pile up on the beach and when she is anchored an intense activity breaks out. Small boats go back and forth between the beach and the ship (or whatever she is). People and cargo is loaded and unloaded. It all goes by hand except for some heavy loads that were taken with a crane. It looked almost dangerous when the cargo came into the smaller boat and almost sank it.
As the activity goes on the passengers on board stay on the side already leaning looking at the show.
The size of the boat is probably 30-40 meter and 7 meter wide, probably made to make it through the passages.
People leaving with her to Suva will not be back before next month when she comes back. The journey from here to Suva will last til tuesday.
They will stop at 2 more islands on the way and on Sunday they have to stop and go to church.
As the ship stayed all night we hear their help engine going loud all night and on top of that the passengers enjoyed themselves by singing, o boy, do they know how to sing!
Yesterday we had an another exciting thing going and that was having Salote and Mini (our local host family) for lunch on board. Salote wanted to teach Ellinor and Erika how to weave mats. So they sat here on the floor in the saloon weaving. Mini grabbed the guitar and they sang fijian songs for us. Magic!
We tried to sing some Swedish songs for them but we felt we were so bad in comparison.
Being here now can make you wonder if you are capable of taking it all in. You grab the NOW with the camera and there it is, a frozen moment of people in a small atholl far out in the South Pacific. I have dicussed it before, mindfulness, and I think it means living now and here.
But now is between the future and the past, now cannot be grasped as it will be before or after, no matter how small a unit you make it, there is always a smaller one. That was also observed by Aristoteles who maybe jokingly wrote somethng about time being non existent.
Time is future or past, and as the future is not here yet and the past has already been, well then there is no time. As you might know, Aristoteles had a strong opinion about theories, they all had to be proved in reality.
NOW can change the future and the past affects us NOW.
I guess you can skip now by asking the seasick person hanging over the rail: "do you want the sandwiches now or shall I throw them over board to save you the job of eating them?"
A last question, IF anybody has time to just copy and paste some news about the Swedish and Fijian election in a mail it would be appreciated. We cannot get any news here. But please do not send any kilometers of text and no pictures! We are on satellite.
Now Im going to jump in the kayak and grab the tranquility of this place. The best kayaking I had in my entire life is here, promise.