Book contract!

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 12 Mar 2015 01:52
Bula! (Hi in Fiji) This night has been really cool, winds blowing, some rain and today we have a grey overcast. Feels good for a change.
we feel really bad for the people in Vanuatu.
I have received a book contract with the Swedish publisher Liber, signed it today (where is the champagne!) and sent it back by mail and air mail (the post office by the way is unreal, can you believe all packages stacked on the customer area side? And I mean stacked all the way to the ceiling, do people not pick up their parcels?). The working title is "The icecream is melting" (not the post office, the book).
The script has been written underway after I was in Athen in May last year.  It is about the power of purpose and how it can be applied in organisations that have started to chase their own tail.

Today I also picked up a secret package and this shows how this country has an infrastructure that is beyond anything. It also shows that as long as people want to make things happen it will happen. When we were in Suva 6 months ago we found ONE store that carried some Lego items. As Andreas got a robot from Hero factory when I was in China he has been playing with it since. Always wished to have a few more characters from the "Factory". Anyway, here in Savusavu or for that matter the island of Vanu Levu there is no Lego to be found, none. Finally Andreas has accepted thats the way it is. But I took the chance and found out an email to the store in Suva and asked if they had any characters, and believe it or not, they did!
So they put it on a boat that went from Vitu Levu to Labasa. A guy called me from Labasa and told me he had a box for me and that he had a truck going to Savusavu.
Today another guy called me and told me he was in Savusavu, I took the dinghy and the bike to town, met a guy in a big truck loaded with food, he gave me the package and I paid him cash with no freight or anything added to the price in the store.
So here by my legs is the backpack with 2 gifts that will truly surprise Andreas on his birthday...

Does anybody recognize Lego in this box? I don't---