The sound of silence

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 14 Sep 2014 21:21
Still in the crater but will move to the village later today. We have to do the Sevusevu and meet the village chief to get permission to stay here.
If you make a movie and you need to let the audience experience silence, you cannot just have silence. If so the viewer might start fumbling with volume or being worried that something has gone wrong. So the scene with a half dead guy in the remote place will be soundtracked with a fly that sweeps around his nose or something similar. The smaller the sound you bring up the more silence you are giving the audience.
Now let me give you this picture from this morning.
I paddle away short after six, the sun is already up. The water is like a mirror reflecting the clouds and the blue sky in between. It feel like paddling on the sky. That itselfe is a mental jewel. As I get into the area with all this cliffs that look like sculptures made by Dahli I can only hear the waves crashing into the reef at a long long distance away. Then suddenly I see a turtle coming up to the surface and disappear again.
I point my kayak in that direction, give a few paddle thrusts and just let the kayak glide silently. I'm just sitting and looking at the bottom that is full of fish, it is quite, very quite. So quite I suddenly hear a small breath behind me and the little turtle is just up for air and disappears again.That little gasp of life, was the greatest experience this morning. A small gasp, I can still hear it in my head. Life, breath, heartbeat, being here now in the universe... A gasp from a turtle is all it takes to see the grandness of nature.
Back on the boat it is time to make breakfast, the kids are up and have already put their hedphones on, listening to books.
When they put on headphones it is like living with the deaf.
"erika"  no answer  "ERIKA!" no answer  " E R I K A !!!!!!!!"
"Yes what do you want?" with irritation...
A gasp from a turtle in a fight against all media we surround ourselves with...