Tropical life

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 17 Jan 2015 19:28

Every day there are some tasks to be performed. Things we take for granted when living in a house like fresh water has to be filled up. Here in Savusavu we do not run the water maker to save energy, so we have to go to dock once a month and fill one ton of fresh water. Well as we do that we take the opportunity to clean stuff that need a lot of water, like take away floorboards in the showers and clean out underneath. Not to mention the cockpit where we eat and live a lot. We have a teak floor board that is like a net that lets everything through and underneath it becomes a heaven of food and lego. As Im typing these lines at seven it the morning I had to take a break and put up shades since then sun is already to hot to just sit in.... amazing. Anyway as we fill water we take the opportunity to wash clothes as well and it all becomes almost a full day assignment. And as it is very hot we do not become the fastest labour... Yesterday was a cleaning day, we go over the entire interior with water and vinegar, everywhere! That is to keep the mold away, another feature that comes wit living in the tropic.
But still in all this we have a good time. Thursday night we were invited for drinks on Impi (, Ana and Brendt knows how to take care of guests. We have a great time and it all ended with dinner (yes we tried to go home before that).
After a day of hard work it was really nice to sit in their cool saloon and just zip an ice-cold beer.
Andreas loves it there since they have a big catamaran he has big floor space to play with his cars.

Here are some pictures of Curly Carswell, the "digital sherpa" in Fiji. He is the guy that every morning has a radionet and also helps out with waypoints etc. 
I have written an article about him and took a few pictures of him the other day 

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