Life is like a pillow, and it can suffocate us?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 9 Jan 2014 10:24
How fast do we get used to things bad or good? Well, they say if it is really bad it takes 2 years, and then you are sort of back again. If it is really good it probably takes a month. Like a raise in your salary, that happiness lasts a month…

Living life on board being in countries where we had a hard time finding food, and then when we found it, carry it down to the water, get it in the dinghy and then carry it on board… then clean every bit of it so cockroaches do not get a chance to move in….
Well we got used to it.

This morning the kids and I took the good old Nissan to a supermarket, we just choose what we wanted- when we came to the counter – they could just put it in plastic bags (they do it for you here) and we took the cart to the back of the Nissan, opened it, just put the stuff in. Then we drove to the marina, parked and got a cart. Took the food to the boat, got it on board and stowed it into the fridge etc. What a life! We will eventually get used to it.

Now we have 220V on board, have no shortage of power. We have water, as much as we want. And we can take hot water showers!

Life is like a pillow, isn’t it? You want a certain size and a special kind of hardness.
You would think that as years go by you would want a bigger and softer pillow to be comfortable. As a 70-year-old person, your pillow would be big as a bed, tall as a car and soft as mud. But it does not work that way, does it?
Well looking at our environment we do actually supersize a lot of stuff. Look at the food portions; listen to the sound at the cinema. Look at most peoples televisions.
When we can see others choice of program from the street we realize that TVs are supersized.
So there we are in a bigger sofa, with a bigger TV, eating a bigger dinner and watching the biggest show on earth (well that has yet to come)

Look at the boats that are sailing around now, bigger, comfier, more technology than ever before (as always).
As spoiled kids we demand it, comfort and safety. Comfort and safety.

We want machines for everything: washing, dishing, cleaning, stirring, drilling, searching (Google), entertaining, heating, feeding, milking…

So where am I getting?
I would love to find a way we could se the wonders of the comforts we have created. I would love to be able to appreciate when I can enjoy something thanks to all the inventions others have done for me. Longer than the 2 days it takes to take them for granted.
I wished I could save that feeling I had this morning when shopping was so comfortable.
I want to make sure the huge pillow that surrounds our life is not suffocating me.

By the way, the superstore we went to is called New World, Erika asked me, - when does it get old?

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