Good bye Windarra and perceptocentrism? 19.08S 178.32 W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 18 Sep 2014 18:03
Today our friends on Windarra took off. They had to, as they were running out of food and fuel.
So yesterday we had a great gettogether with indian food (yes we got some great receipices from them), and wine.
Their kids slept over on our boat and Ellinor served pancakes for breakfast.
Paddling around this atholl is like a fantasy world. One thing that bothers me when we see something great is the associations we use.
As I wrote about the snorkeling in the pass the other day, it is like an aquarium.
I looked at this cliffs today, they all look unreal and I thought that it looks like a 3D fantasy world made by a very creative artist. Why do we do this?
We see a great place and start thinking "here they could shoot a commercial for soap".
We see a fish and compare it with Nemo.
But not only that, my senses are so used to things connected with technology that my ears hear sounds that come from a TV, but no it is water playing in the holes of the cave. My eyes think they see a speed boat but no it is a rolling wave.
Here we do not hear any airplanes, cars or any other engines other than the ones we have on board.
Here we are surrounded by the result of lava coming out of the earth and then populated by the evolution.
It is the garden of eden, the place where you paddle on crisp clean water above clean white sand and fishes that swim in all directions.
I think it is a shame if I start to compare the real world, the reality when not affected by humans with pictures we create to dream away from our uggly environment, graffiti, dirt, noise and what is called unintended result from human design....
But how do I get away from that? How can I just look at this fraction of the world, not even a corn of sand on our planet, and just see what there is without bothering to make it a setup for a movie or a resort?
That is the big question I guess....