Closing the first two circles

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 3 Dec 2012 01:05
As we are passing by a few 100 miles above Cap Verde I suddenly realize that's here it started.
Five years ago Ellinor, Erika and I where at the island of Sal in a December holiday. One of those escapes
from the Swedish winter where you dream about heat and sunlight. Andreas was pointing out from Ellinors stomach as she was lying at the beach listening in her iPod at somebody that got really sick and talked about what matters most in life is what we do the least.
Then I guess Ellinor got some sand in her face or something annoyed her about the wind, she sat up, looked at her private travel agent with some accusement in her eyes: - Can you pls tell me, is it always going to blow on this vacation?
I looked up and could not miss the disappointment, it was not really that warm... - Honey, this is the tradewind, the one they use to sail to tha Caribean. Then I thought this was the end of discussion but she looked at me again and asked: - Why don't we do it?
That question would cost us so much hard work we could not have anticipated. But even if we do not make it around the world or whatever, it has been worth it.
Next thing when I tell a Canadian friend that I know loves sailing, that we might go for a ride, he tells me to read Jim Cornell. And that in turn helped us all the way to the ARC.
Life is worth living as long as we do!
Always ask yourself, if money was not the issue, or even status, what would you do then? Why don't you do it?