Savusavu again!

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 28 Oct 2014 06:52

So we are back, actually we made it so fast yesterday that we went though the reef here at about 3 in the morning (we thought we timed to arrival at dawn).

The sailing was superfast, the window just about right, no wind when leaving Suva and go through the pass and then as we rounded the south eastern corner the wind picked up and started to push us up up up!

Dark skies but warm and speed at about 7-8 knots.

By 4 in the morning we had dropped the anchor and when we went up to make our way in to the bay in Savusavu the anchor was stucked. At 17 meters depth it was absolutely stuck!

I went down with mask and snorkel and found an old mooring line at the ottom that had tangled into our chain. Thought I untangled it but the chain was really stuck in a mess down there. So I had to go down with a knife and cut the lines. I think I went down and up to fast a couple of times because I have sour eardrums and a head ache.

Today I picked up the computer from Mac Rent at DHL! All perfectly packed all paperwork done properly so I just could sign and leave!

Now Im restoring the backup into it.

What happens next? Well it is a secret right now, but I will get back as soon as I have a clue on how it is going.