Monday meeting

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 26 Aug 2014 07:58
Yesterday we had a Monday meeting (and it was monday!).
We talked about how it felt to be back on board and it seems that all felt that the "magic" was gone.
The interruption made us aware of a life beyond the trip and our mindsets started to think in that direction: what will we do when we get back home?
Maybe it was not the interruption, somewhere on the line you are starting a trip back home. By passing the datum line (which we did the other day-again), we are moving closer to home.
The next big question is of course how to proceed since we are way behind the others and will not make up the speed and miss out the best part of the PACIFIC.
We have 2 options right now- the boat is for sale in Australia and anywhere else of course.
The other option is that we get help from our DP, Dag to ship Salsa past the pirate area directly to the Mediterranean or South America.
We will see where we end up.
While we are trying to get our act together it was magic to come to Fiji.
So far we have only seen the tiny village Savu Savu where everybody seems so friendly and just big smiles everywhere.
Yesterday night we had a treat we went for dinner in a small Indian restaurant, a main course is 6 Fiji dolllar, that is 1,8 Euro and the taste was great!
I asked for a Beer but no they did not serve beer but I could go next door to a store and buy ice cold beer. No problem.