How to catch fish without pants N30.10 W15.11

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 27 Oct 2012 14:03
So here we are motoring between Madeira and the Canaries, almost no wind.
This morning I decide to put a bait out to see if we can get some fish.
Well nothing happens during the entire day...
Until I decide to take a shower and shave before afternoon coffee.
As I exit the shower nude to get some fresh clothes Erika yells:- FISH FISH FISH!!!!! And it is jumping all over!
I got a T skirt but nothing else, rushed to the aft, Ellinor brought down the engine to idle. I yell, - can I get any pant!!?
Ellinor:- why?
The fish is jumping yes, and it feels big! It was a Mahe-Mahe, knownn for very good meat. And now it is in the fridge waiting for some rice and good sauce. Size? A guess is about 2-3 Kg. not very big but enought for dinner!
We promise to publish some pictures Erika took of the final fight with the fish.
Other than that we have seen pilot whales, the third school actually went diving so we got to see their magnificen tailfins in the air.
Oh yes, this is funny, we where some boats leaving Madeira at the same time yesterday so there was some chatting on the VHF.
One american guy we just met briefly said, : - say hallo to Ellinor.
Ellinor was like everybody else impressed by the americans ability to remember names.
So the man keeps talking on the VHF with another american boat and the other person aknoledges with: - A roger on that. A very common _expression_ on radio in the US to say , yes, affirmative.
Ellinor, did not know that so she memorises his name as Roger. Now we are naming everything Roger on board...