Things they will not tell you

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 30 Jun 2012 07:46
If you read books about long distance sailing they will give different pictures, of course...
As humans we are subjective.
Being a filmmaker I'm used to cut between landscape view and close ups; and everything in between.
This means I can give you a picture of the little boat on the big sea, right now travelling on Hanöbukten. Waves that are about 1,5 meters, increasing as the wind is working on the water.
We have the medium shot, the sail and the boom that makes a knirking noise with each wave, makes you feel like the Onedin line.
The boat is behaving great, moving along at 8 knots.
Ellinor just went to sleep and the kids got their hour with the iPad.
Very calm indeed. Now lets move to the close ups, pictures you usually don't see.
Ellinors and my hands, full with blisters. Office hands that are not used to hard work look like a mess. Cracks on every finger, cracks that give pain.
The kids have blue marks after the hard weather the day before yesterday, everybody really got hurt from falling around in the boat.
That's one of the things they don't write about, how hard it is to get used to the new space, how you keep hurting yourself. Or maybe I did read it and not comprehend...
You would think the morale on board would go down, but with kids that is no risk. Their optimism is enormous. His morning we started at 5 am. At 8 they came out from their beds in a rolling sea.
I greeted them good morning from cockpit and told them that the sea was calmer today than last time. Their answer: - We liked it better with the wilder sea....