6 year old logics

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 6 Sep 2014 21:58
The kids are trained to understand the value of money and Andreas is really good at math.
He can easily do plus and minus with fingers and toes...
But sometimes the brain comes to logics that makes you wonder.
He has 1 Fiji Dollar in his little hand and he walks around one of these china shops that are scattered across the pacific (and elsewhere in the world).
These shops give me a creepy feeling because everything they sell is so cheap and the quality, well what is quality anyway?
Most of the stuff is made in plastic and that also makes you wonder how much more plastic the world can take. Well to be honest, the world can take almost everything, you do not have to save the world. But we might not survive the pile of garbage we have to burn off to get rid of plastic elephants that can roll their eyes and other important stuff that is molded in millions.
And the world will spin around the sun with all the stuff and some cockroaches left that survived.
(Or a new plastic eating animal).
Back to the little hand with a one dollar coin that burns. DESIRE! Wow look at that transformer car that can turn to an evil robot with red eyes!
How much is that?
29 dollars.
That RC car with a big horn on the hood! ow much is that?
32 dollars.

Then in all competition of bright colors and monsters Andreas finds a small pot of clay, it is ugly, badly made in some mold and it is just a worthless piece of material.
How much is this one?
Can I buy it?
You will get money back.
Then Ill take it.
Why? You don t want THAT?
But I will get money back.
ANDREAS, you will get 15 cents, that is almost nothing!
But I can buy a candy.
So you want to buy that little uggly...
I will get money back, I want money back.
Andreas, listen to me, you have a ...
I want money back, I will get money back

Finally, with the help of Erika we got him out of the idea. Thank god.

Oh yes thank god,

The other day Andreas asked if God can be radio controlled...