With Andreas at school

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 24 Mar 2014 08:29
Today I was with Andreas in school the first hours. I took a lot of lovely pictures but cannot post them until they are approved. But I will then...
Fantastic school! The y can keep 5 year old children's attention by keeping a high pace. They do 20 minutes of math, move on etc.
As I have written before I love the way the school is organized, the kids are part of running it.
Another thing that I cannot believe why we do not have it in Sweden. Every morning, 20 minutes into the start all children and teachers gather in the school yard and BLAM! They turn on music and the first dance was a Maori dance, and the dance is led by some children that know how to do it!
They dance a couple of songs and that is a great exercise to start with, and a great way to take part of the culture that was here before the colonization began.
Well I hope I can show the pictures before long.
Work on the boat continues and as I was working on aft deck a couple of fisher men came by and gave us 2 big snappers, so we had absolutely fresh fish for dinner!
As if that was not enough Verena came by this morning with smoked cheese, vegetables and fruits from her garden!
In between everything Ellinor is sewing protections for different parts of the boat and I'm helping our friends with a new graphic design for their company and also how they can move forward with a new purpose. They are happy with the process so far.
Tomorrow Craig is coming to our boat and we will do a complete check of the electric system on board.
Tuesday next week Salsa goes on the hard and before that I need to make a service on the main engine.

Another short chapter from the book the sailing Nomads, and please write if you have an opinion or think different. Funny enough I got a email from
my step mother yesterday and she wrote about the question of interest when we get home. And this was written before we got the email:

Nobody is interested
Remember that even if it is a big step for you it is even bigger for those that have never done something similar. This means that you cannot expect any real interest in what you are experiencing. It was the other day here in New Zealand, we were chatting with an artist that moves between USA and New Zealand. She said to us ”have you noticed people aren’t really interested in your journeys? They might start with; oh you have been to Italy? Well my mother was there 10 years ago…”
Well there is a truth in it, when I lived in USA for almost four years and came back home I got the very challenging question ”how was it over there?” Well where do you start? From the beginning when you tried to get a phone or the first earthquake or just the every day life? People that follow us on the blog are surely interested in our life. Some of them call themselves armchair sailors. But I’m sure that once we get home it is going to be hard to tell, ”How it was to sail around for three years”.
The good thing about it is that if you are about to take off and want to get answers from an experienced family they will love to share their knowledge.
Because the only people that are truly interested are the ones that are about to set off themselves.