One year the 17th of June!

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 14 May 2013 13:32
Since it will happen while we are underway I take the freedom to just make a short look back
a year from today

Today a year ago we where rebuilding the shed that burned down
with all our stuff for the circumnavigation
May 13th

May 16th we finally got the new anchor chain, 400 Kg

23 of May, Salsa was in the water but no mast

May 27th Annastina (Ellinors mother) and Ellinor are baking a 
cake for Erikas birthday party which will be much earlier than
the real one, so she can gather her class mates for the last time

Here they are
Checking out Erikas new home

June 6th, getting almost there

Salsa is now in our bay waiting for us to leave

JUne 17th farewell party, my brother Johan and stepmother 
Margareta checking out the boat

Friends gather to say goodbye

June 22nd, sailing towards Gotland, very cold morning!

July 2nd stopping in Simrishamn and visiting my mother

July 9th, leaving Sweden (pict taken by Kai)

July 12th Borkum Riff Germany

July 15th, working hard on the North Sea

July 26th Isle of White, Anders and Nikolaj looking at the view
(The family Falsén visited us for a couple of days)

August 16th, Falmouth, Salsa is in the mud and Ellinors paints the bottom when
the tide is low

Sailing with Kelvin and Mary

Steam fair outside Falmouth with Mary and Kelvin

August 27th, time to say Good Bye to UK

Aug 28th Ile' d'Ouissant (France)

September 3rd La Coruna Spain, first warm days

Meeting a bunch of Swedish boats with kids

16th of Sept Ria Arosia, Erikas first close encounter with a dolphin

Porto Santo in October

October the 3rd, closing in on Madeira

Checking Lizards on Madeira

Madeira, October 16th Roar (Ellinors father) on board

Erika, Andreas, Annastina (Ellinors mother) on our way up from Funchai

Nov 17th The ARC in Las Palmas

The Swedes in the ARC

Preparation preparation

Nov 27th start 2 days later

Dec 2nd "repair" in the Atlantic

Dec 7th first Mahe Mahe

 Dec 17th Passing the Bahamas

Big party the ARC finishes 22rd of December

Dec 27th Lisa and Gustav on board, Gustav proposes and gets a yes!

Same day, picture taken by Coral (The cruise ship is at anchor)

Langusters on new years eve

Jan 2014 the 12th in Bequay

Meeting Cherril, great friend!

January 27th moving towards Grenada

Grenada Febr 4th

Febr 10th Bonair
Bonair on bike
March 1st, St Martha Columbia, Bill from Sunrise to the left
Picture taken by Laura (Sunrise)

March 13th San Blas

March 27th, a sad day, Good Bye to Sunrise

Apr 8th, Panama

April 15th Panama Canal

April 30th crossing the equator

May 9th  Galapagos