Carpe diem

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 19 Aug 2012 13:05
How different is this life from the life we lived before? We are not getting the full answer yet, and maybe we will not. Somebody said to us as we left that life on a boat is going to be a every day life just as everything else. That sounded right then but not to exciting. A life of excitement is maybe not what we are looking for either. You could watch our todo list and think well they have just as much work as they used to have, a boat is demanding and there is always something to repair or to clean out. But there is also a lot of challenges, like finding stuff or getting somewhere to buy it. In Scheveningen we where in harbor just by a store for building material and we grabbed the opportunity to buy stuff we needed from there. When the weather is bad, we might take the opportunity to work in the boat and yesterday, when the weather was good I took the kids on a long walk. We happened to go by a train station, looked where the trains went, jumped on a train etc.
In the afternoon Mary and Kelvin sent a sms asking if we wanted to go to a Steam machine exhibition/fair, and we grabbed that opportunity instead of doing other things we planned (I was going to brush rust from the emergency rudder).
I think so far that is really a life with Carpe Diem.
There is of course stress about getting away before the fall storms close us in, there is a stress about important things that have to work, there is always some kind of thinking going on about safety, but in between we take opportunities to do things. Is that only wonderful? Well no, because that is a lot about patience and that is something I'm learning since we started planning this trip. I'm used to be in control of things, I'm used to get things done NOW, or scheduled. Suddenly I just have to wait for the right opportunity, just wait. This is not just in big questions it almost true for everything. To get a tool out we might have to lift 4 other things to get it. That means that if I'm far down in a box and find a spare part or a tool that can do something on our todo list, you grab the opportunity to use it while it is easy to access.
Carpe Diem

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