Well well 26.48.5S 175.24.2

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 2 Aug 2014 18:33
Now it is finally blowing around 22 knots, last night was really hard work.
The wind was shifting force between 16 and 34 knots, all the time.
So one moment you reeefed for the strong wind and in the next you found yourselfe
doing 2.8 knots in a valley between 2 liquid mountains, as they moved under us and brought us to the sky,
 the elements took care of that, almost like a baseboll player throwing up the ball and THERE HE HITS IT!
Actually the weather was so hard that we used life harness in the cockpit. Sometimes we got hit so badly that everything outside the sprayhood got soaked in water.
The kids? I just say, kids. So what do they do when the weather is so bad you cannot play by a table? You play on the floor, steal every friction mat you can find and build small islands with playmobile puppets, lego houses and cars.... Cars that move around all by themselfe.
You can try to tiptoe all these worlds all over the saloon when the boat makes a tild down to 45 degrees.
Salsa? She really is designed for this. "In calm weather all boats are alike" (Shakespear)... But she takes this crazy sea with magnificent acrobacy.Mind you, we take these waves from the side. And now in the morning we have two wavetrains (who ordered the extra one?).
So Jibe out, babystay aft, main reefed to same height as the jibe and she just moves along.
We have so much windpower we can drive the watermaker as much as we want.
Im sitting here writing in the cockpit and cannot help smiling, my mind must be stupid. Salsa climbs up the mountain of water and my brain asks: "wonder whats behind that mountain?"
Yeah, guess!