Thunder and Lightning

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 11 Dec 2012 23:41
For once I write at daytime. It is raining outside and it has done so since this morning.
Last night was a firework from nature that was hard to beat.
We where never under those clouds but they make me nervous. I just hate thunder and lightning.
Ellinor is not worried at all. So we have an agreement, when we are right under the lightning she goes up, I go down. There is a good reason for that, other than she likes it... Statistically men are hit by lightning in a ration of 8 to 2. So if Ellinor is up our odds are better. Right?
Believe it or not but now we are stressed sailors, we push Salsa as much as we dare, for two reasons, one to get out of this area before the big show starts on thursday, the thunder and lightninng is going to be very intense. The other reason is that there will be an almost no wind situation on this side of the 50W. So we are aiming and hoping the forecast is right, to be at the 50th W before thursday pm. That requires that we can sail in 7 knots almost all the time.
21.00 The writing continues
Just in front of us there is a tanker, it is really great to see some light, some sign of life other than fly fish and some birds.
We have not seen any boats for at least 4 days or so. Imagine what it must have been like when this earth was populated by 1000.000
Homo Sapiens! What a sensation to meet a new person! Probably a lot of emotions involved, fear, enthusiasm etc.
Rock and Roll
For those that have never sailed on the big blue I will try to give a picture of the motion on board (not emotion for now).
Today it has been extremely hard on life, the waves rock the boat side to side, resulting in a circular power going both ways.
The motion. First of all waves do not follow a pattern, it looks like it but after 2000 waves you get one that is different, and that's the one who catches you in midair. So how do you adapt to this motion? Very well actually, you stop thinking about it, until you have to do something. Because you have only one hand left for doing it. Unless you sit down. The most used item on board is friction mats, they are used when building LEGO and they are used when washing the dishes. But there are funny situations where you leave one thing at a place and it is gone. Like the wireless mouse for the computer, that starts to move the cursor with the waves. Less funny it is when we eat.
Everybody has to hold on to everything, and when a child drops something, you try to catch it, and realize that your own meal is on the floor.
In the galley (kitchen on a boat), the design is made so you can secure your body and cook with both hands.
In the head (toilet on board) it is not. Everybody has to sit:
- WHAT THE...! Andreas did you just go to the toilet?!!!
-No, I'm a boy
-But look here! It is all over the place!
- At least imagine what would happen to your... if the ring drops on it.
-It won't
- I look at it so it stays up
Narcissism must be something that get stuck when you are four and a half.
Smell on board
No I'm not going to give you funny details on how we smell when we try to save water. Yet we have a luxurious life, with four watertanks that contain a ton of water (together) we are on the luxury side.
No the sensation of smell is becoming more sensitive out here.
I was steering for more than an hour today, reason being that we have found out that our autopilot goes banana when we charge the batteries. So now when we charge I steer. Standing by the wheel looking at the ocean with a temperature that is about 26 degrees C, it feels unreal, and then when Ellinor put bread in the oven it was like the whole ocean smelled fresh bread! Great sensation!
Good watch!