Question from several followers

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 19 Apr 2013 21:17
Hallo again, I just found a spot with some wifi, so I downloaded the mail.
Sorry everybody for being behind, but we promise to write when we are underway.
It is hard to explain that you can be busy with preparation from early mrning til late night every day. No weekend feeling here!
Here is one question we got from several but I will take this one as an example:
We have been following your progress through the first locks. Keen to find out about what that did to your collective heart rate and blood pressure. We noticed that you're now at anchor just behind the locks.
Have fun!
Pim and Hanneke
Well since I had been a linehandler on Miss My before going with our own boat I was pretty cool about what was happening in the lock. We also had big "fenders" as we had one boat on each side protecting us...
I think the heart rate is much calmer nowadays than it used to be when we started the journey.
But things happen that make you think that we had luck.
What do you think about this one?
Today we wanted to go into a marina to fill up fuel and water. As we have one just in front of us, I call them up to check depth and availability. The depth is just so we make it in high tide.
I call them up on the VHF according to channel given in the pilot.
They ask me to use a phone. There is a lot of palaver going on and the guy finally agrees with me that by 9 will be fine to enter as the tide is high enought.
As we enter the marina a guy starts to wave like crazy that we shold go back.
I call them up on the radio and they tell us to leave immidiately since we have no appointment to fill fuel.
So I try to tell them that Louis gave us permission and they have no idea who he is!
We go out and I call the phonenumber I had and after a short palaver we realise that I have been speaking with another mairna far away from us!
Now imagine this, if they tell you that the draught is enought and so on, so you enter a shallower marina????
We got in and fueled up so now we should be able to make it to Galapagos. But the map show almost no wind at all!