Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 3 Jan 2014 07:27
I looked at Ellinor yesterday, she took the yogurt out of the thermos where it had cultivated for a couple of hours.
Then she took the warm water out of the thermos and poured it into the kettle. Then she put on the kettle and heated the water
for another purpose. By doing so she saved water and propane.
It made me think of something I never wrote about before.
On a boat you have to think about resources, all the time. There is a limit on the amount of water you have, even with a watermaker there is a limit.
Propane, you can only have so much of it.
And so on... As we are in a harbor in a country with plenty of resources we have lot's of everything, but it will not stop Ellinor.
Ellinor is the most resourceful person I have seen in action. She is always looking at things as resources. Sometimes to a limit where I go mad.
I'm the person who would like to throw away everything that is broken or has no meaning anymore. Ellinor thinks that everything can be used in the future.
When our dinghy was trashed in Rarotonga we replaced it finally in Opua/NZ when we found a used one.
It took a while before Ellinor let me throw it away, and still she managed to take off parts that can be used for other reparations.
You can find a stainless steel ring with a band on a Ellinor-made-bag, and you bet it comes from another trashed cover that belonged to the dinghy we had before.
You can also bet that if I throw away something, somebody will remark that we could have used it today to fix something else...