Do not fly to Porvenir

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 21 Mar 2013 22:03
Yesterday we left Porvenir efter checking in the night before.
We know there is a small airport on this island but when we where there we saw no landings or starts.
Well that got explained today on the Panama Net (if you do not know what Panama Net is check the blog with the title Congreso).
The airline flying to Porvenir, PanamAir wants some coconut trees to be cut down for safety reason.
Well the Kunas had a Congreso and decided not to, so now nobody can fly in or out from here....
Coconuts and coconut trees are the Kunas most important posession. Wherever you are, even on a deserted island you do not touch ANY coconuts. Because every coconut belongs to some Kuna. Yachtees that have done that had gotten into troubles.
So we took off sailing east towards Coco Banderos, taste the words out loud, COCO BANDEROS, isn't that something?
Sailing east meant sailing windward and we had to tack our way. That is very unusual nowadays. Anyway that was inside the reefs so there was no sea to talk about and we had about 10-11 knots of wind. Very pleasant! 28 degrees Centigrade.
As we were sailing my mother surprised us by calling the number we had posted on previous blog.
That was strange and really a treat! Talking to my mother as we passed a sand island with palmtrees, and she had so much snow she could not open the door!
We got to Coco Banderos late afternoon and anchored by three deserted islands with only sand and palm trees. The reefs are gorgeus and we dropped the hook on white sand. We took our snorkel gear and jumped from the boat and all of us could just look at coral reefs that are so pristine it is unbelievable. As we came up from the water, the family from Windarra came to us and greeted us welcome. From the three boats on this place they where one of them. We invited them on spagetti and a sauce made from the rest of the langusters and cream.
The evening ended with the kids swapping boats. Andreas slept on Windarra and Sophie slept on our boat. That is so funny, you can sail to the other side of the world and the most exciting thing kids can come up with is to sleep in another boat. Wonderful!
Latrer the same afternoon Sunrise came to the same anchorage and they managed to find the container that is on the sandbottom in front of a wonderful island. We have heard warnings about three containers being stranded in this area, and Sunrise found one...
Today all boats met on the beach with the kids. This place is like taken out of a movie. And now the wind is almost dead so it is very very calm.
Went snorkeling on the outside of the reefs and there it was even more beautyful. Just a big barracuda made me nervous...
Now as Im writing, the watermaker is running, we really need fresh water now. The kids are looking at a film. Ellinor is designing a holder to organise the 1000 cables we have for charging cameras, ipods, ipads, toothbrushes, computers, vhf radio, etc etc etc
And I'm wring for the blog. Have a great day!