Moving like a snail... 09.49S 137.14W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 7 Jun 2013 18:00
93 miles to go, the wind is 4 knots (2m/s) The gennacker is trying to keep a speed of 3.4 knots
Everything is very calm, the sun is shining like crazy from above (thank god for the shade in the cockpit)
We have been running the engine for about 8 hours last night, for peace of mind and some progress.
This morning before setting sail again we had a short bath in the ocean. Salsa was shock from the outside!
Barnacles are growing making her look like a monster! We are a floating ecosystem, at least by the waterline.
After seting sail, Ellinor is food managing (you have to watch your vegetables, eggs etc) and I have been toilet managing, one of the valves to the tank has got stuck so we could not close and open it.
Yesterday is not much to talk about. We had a talk with the kids about how you argue without biting, calling each other nasty things and not to spit (yes Andreas has picked that up somewhere). Today there is a very calm atmosphere around them, hopefully it will last til lunch.
Since Andreas has a hard time to listen I ask him to repeat what I said and ususally he cannot do it.
When we had dinner he spontaeniously told us about how his brain works.
He has a big sack with words on shelves, the easy to use words are furthest up and the ones that are hard are just piled under the shelf in no order. He has a small guy running around on the shelves picking words, the one that comes (when he is listening) are sorted on the shelves, when he needs to talk the guy has to ´pick up the right words and deliver them to the mouth. -So, you see? It is not easy to repeat what you said....