What do you see in the picture? answer?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 29 Aug 2014 16:47
Anders Lindgren answered that Ellinor wears a safety harness in the saloon. And actually she does that.
What this picture shows is the typical life of a yachtee.
You have to change roll all the time.
In one second you are the teacher and in the next you are up in the mast.
In one second I might start a rice cooking and the next Im checking the oil in the engine and in the next I'm....

yes, trying to stop rice that is on it's way out of the pot due to hard boiling water....

A family yacht is managed by parents, engineers, skippers, plumbers, navigators, parents, electricians, cleaning personnel, project leaders, communicators, doctors, parents, cooks, dishwashers, carpenters, translators, fixers, safety managers, logistics experts, computer programmers, Im sure the list could be  longer, all this is two people working together.

Sometimes, when I see an old sailing couples that probably have been out 25 years, and their eyes look at each other, I wonder:
Do they see all the things they have accomplished together?
Do they see all the storms they have gone through?
Do they see the beauty in each other through the beard and hair that has been cut by themselves?
Do they see the amazing life they are living when they wash their dishes in 3 deciliter of fresh water?
Do they see how scratched and beaten their yacht is but still functioning due to all the repair that is going on?

I hope so