Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 16 Aug 2013 05:49
This morning we took the dinghy upriver to tha plantation and to see James.He took us further up and we got to see a whole lot of trees that are very exotic to us. After the pearl farming has gone down many try their luck with growing vanilla.
On this plantation they had a great variety of fruits, everything from Avocado (yes it is a fruit) to chestnuts, but right now most of the fruits are not ripe since it is winter here. What we got from a another farm (his friends) was Pamplemousse, Grape fruit, Papaya etc.
After the visit we left the fjord and moved up North to the island of Ahaa, we never had to go outside the reef, so it was inshore sailing with the ocean breaking waves on the reefs on our starboard side. Very nice indeed. We have anchored in 4 meter deep water with white sand and coral heads. The water is very very clear. So we jumped in and snorkeled just around the boat. It was great!
So now it is dark and another day has passed by.Our plan is to go from here to Bora Bora when the wind picks up a little.Right now it really seemes like there is to much or to little wind.
If we stay here a few days it really does not matter.
Last thing I did before it turned dark I took the kayak for a paddle on this wonderful spot. Got close to a small inhabited island and there, with water up to his waste stood an englishman flyfishing! Yes he got some he said, but very small....
Try to imagine an Englishman flyfishing in turquose water, with a coral reef in the background and a small island with palm trees just next to him.Try...
Try again...