El Ninio

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 5 Jan 2015 03:29
At anchr here in Makogai in company with Lady Carolina.
Yesterday evening we had a potlock with a durado they had caught on the way up from Levuka.
Great feast! Ratatuille, rice and blackened Durado. In great company!
Today the rain is pooring down. But even on my daily tour with the kayak the rain does not get cold. It is just like a shower of good temperated water coming down, some thunder and some gusts of wind.
It should have calmed down accordng t the forecast but now it has changed to a strong wind warning.
According to Bob Mc Davitt we are now entering the year of El Ninio.
Here is part of his weekly wetheogram:
The Ocean: extra heat has been stored in the Pacific Ocean for a while
now and all the Oceanic indices have crossed the threshold into El Nino

The Atmosphere: The Southern Oscillation Index SOI (30 day running mean)
sums up the weather pattern over the South Pacific as one number. It is
based on the standardized difference in the barometer readings between
Tahiti and Darwin. It has been negative since July and dived below -10
(Australian units) for much of September, and again for a week in
November, then relaxed in early December, and has been stuttering down
and up again over last few weeks.

In an El Nino event the latitudes of the normal weather zones are drawn
closer to the equator, causing the South Pacific Convergence zone to
shift further north and east of its normal position.

End of wetheogram.
Today monday we have started the work week, I had english with Erika, she is really good, so is Andreas.
When she was wrking I started to edit my book, I have a pile of 400 papers to go through and make changes to improve
the story.
Ellinor has started to work on the medical part of the other book: The sailing nomads.
And of course she will bake bread at the same time... not only that she makes now rye bread! The best in the world!