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Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 11 Oct 2013 03:39
The weather charts have been showing that severe weather could come up, but how?
Windguru showed a wind with 24 knots at 4 am UTC...
There should have been a lot of rain yesterday, but none came...


That was something new, an approaching storm could be heard before it hit us!
There was some wining, some accelerating sound, like a jet engine being ready for take off...

accelerating and the SCHHHOOOOOOOOOOOMP! It hit us like a fist. BANG!
And suddenly there was an inferno of wind, waves and a rainfall? No, more like being in front of a firetruck using full pressure at us!
And in the next moment I heard a crash!
I runned ... well crawled against the wind to the bow, a big catamaran had crashed into our bow and anchor, and the wind was fiercely pushing them against us.
Their pole with a wind generator was just above our heads, screeeeeeming like a pig getting killed slowly but surely, by now Ellinor had come out on deck, and soon enough the owners where there too, pushing like crazy trying to prevent more damage.
Then suddenly we got them off our bow and they took off like a full hit with a baseball bat.

Belive us, you don't sleep in that weather, you just sit there hoping the boat will stay put in winds at about 50 knots, hoping other boats will stay where they are.
And you have one hand on the ignition key, because if we loose against the wind there is probably 10 seconds to recover.

At 2 Ellinor went to bed, the wind was down to 20-30 knots....
At 4 I went to bed.

This morning we herd nobody was hurt or damaged more than the catamaran that hit us. Their pole to the wind gen got so smashed that they got water into the boat.

Our boat survived without any damages.... Hallberg Rassy Quality plus fortune.

So what is the situation today?

Winchlass fixed CHECK
Generator cooling system CHECK
Generator exhaust system, repaired with liquid metal and tape for airplanes (from Felice),
new parts coming with Anders and Alexandra (fixed by our invaluable DP Dag!) CHECK
Outboard engine runs well again, carburetor cleaned CHECK

Tomorrow we will be crew on Felice on the Vavau regatta, look forward to have some fun now.

Salsa af Stavsnäs
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