Slippery slope

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 4 Feb 2015 20:29


This is the hardest part of the journey and it was expected. As a reader you might only want to know about how
people can live their dream and do a long journey. But I remember that before we took off we looked into the question
on what happens when the journey comes to an end.We did not find anybody who seriously tried to describe it (if you know of any please let us know).
Many blogs start do down fade and it seems that the mission is accomplished as soon as you are heading home. There is a new focus, and that was not
what you wanted tell your readers. The sad notion that a dream is coming to an end.
It might sound ridiculous to you, 5 months to go! Who can be just traveling 5 months today! I guess the biggest chock is the perception of time.
When you have a months vacation, it feels great in the beginning. A whole month ahead where you can just sleep as long as you like and do whatever pleases you (unless you have a must do list).
Then as you get 2-3 weeks into it you can see the end of it and in worse case your last week becomes a slippery slope back to
work and a life that comes with that.
I guess you can take that emotion and just multiply it by 36 months, sort of. And I will try to describe whats going on here.
Before the decision is taken you are doing what you are doing and with that comes an every day life. Fix that, cook that and teach that.
Then one day it is spoken, " we have to decide now what happens next".
As Andreas is making the point every other day, "soon it is his birthday". Well in April, but in April the gates are open again. The cyclone season should be over and we have to move.
If we would have sailed on home we would have needed another year.
We took the decision to stay with the plan, to be back in Sweden the summer 2015.
Then suddenly you sense this timeframe as being so short! Sooooooo shooooort!
Now a different focus starts to work with us, the boat really has to be sold,
We need to know where to move so we can apply for schools etc. Internet is amazing and we can even look at houses in Sweden here in Fiji(to give us an idea of the living situation).
After living in small towns like Whitianga and now in Savusavu we cannot see the advantage of living in Stockholm. Other than my work but I will always travel wherever we are.
Ellinor is looking int working in a small clinic or hospital in a smaller city outside Stockholm, for instance Norrtälje or Nyköping.
The kids start to talk about how it would be to have your own room! As usual they see possibilities in change.
I think we look at our life differently now, thinking we have to take everything in, really appreciate it....

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