Pegs make the world turn around 30.14S 175.25E

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 16 Nov 2013 01:36
What happpens when kids do not get a fill up on toys? They start to create their own.I have never seen so many creations made with plastic clothes pegs (klädnypor) for instance. Talk about transformers, they are guns of all sorts, airplanes, rockets, cameras, horses etc. And as Andreas plays with them he creates differnt  noises that sounds like a TV set that is on in the background. We have probably 100 pegs from 7 different countries, there is always a shortage of them. All laundry is dried on deck and by different reasons some of them are taken by Poseidon as a toll for letting us be on the sea.
The result is that we have all kind of shapes, big fat pink pegs from Columbia, sturdy pegs from French Polinesia, Pegs with warning text from USA, small tiny pegs from Rarotonga (actually from China), pegs with metallic spring, pegs that trust that they spring in themselfe (narrowing material).
Well that gives you an idea how exotic a small item can become as we move along the planet "Oceania".
Now think of these pegs becoming all sorts of toys and if not a toy it can always be tried on your syster to see how much pain she can take (a lot).
This toying around with pegs is also a nuisance, you can step on a peg in the late night, that peg is usually dead after that. Most of them are really bad quality, cannot take a load of 79 kilos.
Pegs are attached to almost everything on board when Andreas or Erika have been playing for a while. Erika and I had an idea that we should start some kind of pegs system for kids, competing with Lego.Maybe Pego.But don't tell anybody...
Last nigh was an excellent sailing night. But busy. Right now as we approach a high we are worried about how far from NZ we have to start motoring.
We expect very low wind and veering all around. So every hour that we can move on faster than the engines (more than 6 knots) economic speed, we see as a good hour. We actually had to motor a few hours today when we came close to some rain clouds. Rainclouds can suck up energy on one side and give it out with turbo on the other. The problem is that you never know wich you encounter as you approach them.
Today they took all the wind away. Now we are in a rainy, very grey part of the ocean, almost misty. That is good because it generates wind. We are moving along  at 7-8 knots and have an ETA that is Monday evening now. How long it takes to go to quarantine dock we really do not know, have not checked it yet, but there is a tide more like UK I think.Wich means we have to check currents etc.
Opua is the choise because it is an easy port to arrive to and they have all the service we might need when arriving.
After arriving we might move on further south to Whangarey or what might come as a good port for the summer.
Oh, I forgot, yesterday we had marinated tuna with boiled potatoes and melted butter.
Today fried tuna with fried potatoes.
Hopefully no tuna tunight.
Maybe we will have a  Gin and tunac, but we have to wear a tunic.If we are tunaful we shall  sing some tunas about the Tunal of Love.
Yes it is very cold now