Are you an island or a boat?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 24 Jan 2015 02:06
Some of us are nomads, we like to move and even the movement itself is inspiring.
Some of us are farmers, we like to attend and see things growing on one place.
As a nomad, when I see a huge cliff I tend to look for ways to get around it.
Ellinor who is more of a farmer tries to think of ways to move it or to make a tunnel.
As soon as she starts to talk about moving walls in our house (when we live in one) I tend to
say that "that wall is most probably a structure wall and cannot be moved".
Believe me, a few days later I will come home and find some carpenters discussing how that wall can be moved with Ellinor (and yes it was moved).
Maybe that´s why film and photography has been a good way of making a living for me, everything is held up
with tape and it is enough to stay up for a couple of hours. Something that does not work well on an ocean boat (I did not try it).
As a boat the freedom is that you can move on if something does not work out, as an island you have to make sure that conflicts are solved.
The island remains in place, tends to traditions and does not like changes (unless it is about moving stones our of the way).
The boat need the islands to fill up and seek shelter when the wind get´s to strong. Islands are peaceful and usually remain where you left them.
With boats you are happy if it is still there when you come back...

Then there two types of people, those that divide humanity i 2 different categories and those who don't...