Birds on board 05.43N80.21W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 24 Apr 2013 23:16
So writing about the challenge of finding wind we have made a progress of 170 miles the first 24 hours!
Last night Salsa was moving at a speed over 10 knots at times!
I know I know, we will eventually hit low wind situations. What we hope is that the seas will flatten out as well, because they are rather choppy, to say the least.
The animal corner...
The day started out with a crow on board, probably it needed a rest, there aren't many places out here...
Next thing is that we catch two Spanish mackerels, small and a larger.
And finally we have hunted some kind of finch in the boat all afternoon. Very strange bird, refused to leave us, it could even sit on Erikas finger or in her hair. It tried to get some bites of our apples hanging in a net. It kept part of the family busy for a couple of hours...Maybe it wants to go to Galapagos
Human corner...
All feeling well, Ellinor and I are tired after the first nights round but we will catch a rutine.
Erika and Andreas are playing school right now.
Technical corner
No comments, thank god. Our Hydrovane is working hard in the waves.
Weather corner
We are staying on 80 degrees west to keep the wind strong from behind. Ackording to the gribfiles we will loose wind if we start heading west. As we have a Pacific Pan Net we can discuss weather and it seemes like the other agree with us.
By the way I was net controller this morning on the net.
Philosophical corner
Full moon last night, the stars look different down here. Approaching the equator...
All knowledge about weather patterns etc has to be reversed.
New stars to look at.Who are we in this huge Universe?
Stars that where shining before we even crawled aroud on four legs.
Galapagos being the birth place for the Evolution theory.
What difference does that make?
    This little shell made of glassfibre and wood, floating with us on this blue planet,
moving along with the wind created by the instability of air masses.
The equator being the "pump" where the hot air rises and starts its journey to the poles,
in steps of course, but still. The equator, the closest you can get to the sun being on this planet.
There are always more questions than answers and usually an almanack,
TV channels and other influences can stop us from thinking, and maybe realize how small we are....
Fun corner
The sight of Ellinor coming up from beneath where she was sleeping.
No clothes on, got red rubber gloves on and grabbed the fish with one
hand and poured alchohol in the mouth with the other.
Then she opened it up and cleaned it in 60 seconds and went back to bed...