Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 22 Oct 2013 19:01
Right now I'm sitting in the cockpit, in the bay of Tapana. There is a lot of noise, the VHF radio is giving out the local news for Vavaus yachting world.
Every morning there is a radionet on ch 68. Other than that we have the kids running around and jump in the water. The have a lot of fun playing all day. It is amazing, Erika and Alexandra have not seen each other since more than a year, but they can just start pick up as if it was yesterday.
Anders, Alexandras father tried to hush the girls the first night as they were just chatting and chatting instead of falling asleep.
Alexandra responded her father, "We cannot be quite, we have to catch up a year of not being able to talk!"
Yesterday we let the kids off on a uninhabitaded island with a great sand beach, then Anders and I took the dinghy to snorkel very close by.
When we came back they had found a lot of eremit crabs, so they had built small gardens with shells and plants. Very cute.
After lunch we raised the hook, (the winchlass is not in full power....it will probably give up soon) and sailed to Tapana where there was music and Paella on the island.
I stayed on board with Erika since she is not really well (some flue).
Well we have not blogged since we picked up Alexandra and Anders at the airport!
We started the morning by going up at 6, packed the dinghy with laundry and garbage.
Went ashore to Tropicana, there we had breakfast and left the laundry. The owner arranged a Taxi, minibus, that could take us round trip to the airport. It was a great minibus, everything was held together with ropes and strings. Not one instrument was working.
He drove and drove, it was far to the airport, very nice sceneries.
Then we came to a very small concrete buildning with a strip of asphalt.
All very quite, people sitting in the shadow waiting.
Ten minutes after schedule we heard an engine in the distance and as it came closer we could see it was a two engine propeller plane that landed on the strip and within 10 minutes we had our visitors all the way from Sweden to Vavau, in the southern Pacific Ocean!  Well done!
As the plane was landing Erika was jumping up and down with excitement.
We went back to town with this first class minibus (Anders was laughting), and soon the dinghy was under way to Salsa.
They have been extremely good at staying awake, despite the 12 hour difference. We sailed off the first day to an anchorage near a sand beach and a reef.