N 12.52W61.11 Tobago Cays

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 3 Jan 2013 13:12
We are having vacation! For the first time since we left Sweden, we seem to be able to enjoy the scenery.
The climate is so great, the waters warm and the environment unbeliavable. Yesterday we left Bequia after spending new years eve and the first day of 2013 there.
The new years eve was busy with killing the langusters and boiling them, then we just had them short in the oven with garlic and butter.
It was delicious and we had more than we could eat. Gustaf thought that it must be the outmost of decadence when you are full and can't eat more...
Chockolade mousse for desert and the wind picked up really strong...
So all went ashore to check the party in the village but I stayed on board.As the enormous firework was going about at twelve it happened, what I feared. Our anchor started to loose grip and Salsa started her journey towards the biggest steel ship in the bay.
After some struggling I got the anchor up and could only circle around and wait for the rest of the family to return.
It was pitch dark and the bay full of boats. By they returned happy and we had to start finding a better holding.
The bay is known to have patches of weed in the sand and that is not good for anchors.
As we anchored again I stayed in the cockpit all night to keep track on our holding.
Slept well in between.
Next day we had a great snorkeling tour at Devils Table. Great corals and a lot of fish.
At night Lisa and Gustaf went ashore on their own to have a dinner for two. We had a nice spagetti dinner on board.
Yesterday we took off towards Mustique, further south in the Grenadines. Great sailing and Gustaf was very keen on learning how to get the wind to work for you. We had half wind and made 7 knots and more. After 2/3 of the way we got a tuna on the hook, he (Ellinor checked) weighted about 3 kg or more and it made a good fight. Well on board it got a sip of alchohol and slept well in the fridge.
As we approached Mustique we heard Mad Fish talking to another boat and we asked them for advice. They thought that most bays would be rolly because of the northely swell coming down so we decided to go to Tobago cays, one of the most beautyful spots in the Caribean.
It is like a horse shoe of reefs and you are protected from swells by them. In the horse shoe there are a couple of inhabited green islands. All a nature reserve where you are not allowed to fish and anchor as you wish.
We got a great spot and the dinghy could not be in the water fast enought. Pristine sand beaches with palm trees and most exciting: turtles and turtles! Erika and Andreas could have stayed in the water forever just watching turtles eat from the seabed.
I took the kayak and did what I have dreamed of since we left, paddle on turquoise water! The water is so clear it is frightening when yuo drive the boat, but with the kayak it gives a great pleasure to see the bottom.
This place is o beautiful it attracts a lot of boats, and it would have been great to be less, but it is very quite since there is not much to do other than swim, snorkel and go ashore to watch iguanas or land turtles.
The amount of swedish boats is almost unbelievalble, we are surrounded by at leat 6-10 boats that are from Sweden.
The other big nation is England.
I was asked (thank you Pim) how we worked out the rail on the mast with a hacksaw. Maybe those of you who saw the picture did not read the blog from the atlantic, we managed to take off about 3 cm and the we could put the boom back on track. It was not such a hard work to saw it off, it took about 10 minutes of hacksaw labour.