When life is a treasure hunt

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 20 Sep 2012 08:47
Sailing to different countries is a challenge, especially when important things have different standards. So we have o get a new gas bottle for our kitchen.
The hunt starts at the gas station in the middle of Villa Garcia,Spain.
We try to speak SwedishItalianEnglish with a very nice guy that only speaks Spanish. He takes us out to the ”Bombolas” on the back of the gas station and repeats the word Butan, and the word no, when we ask for gas to a ”Barco”. No, he says and then he takes us in again and writes down an address and a company name.
We have to go there to solve our problem. So during the siesta hour we try to find the right address. Which does not exist according to friendly pedestrians, but there is a hotel with that name. And finally we realize it is not a plaza we are looking for, it’s the street name.
Now when we look through the bars of the named shop, we only find antiques. Is that really right? Well there is the name Butan above, the store so it must be an office further up the building? A gentleman with smartphone and ipad that speaks English takes the challenge to help us out. He searches and calls with no result. We get the number to try for ourselves. He is really sorry he could not help us. In a marina we ask if they know where we can find gas, and they do! So as Ellinor fills the boat with water I go away with a map and an address, and our empty bottle (we have two). It is 28 degrees and the excitement is rising. I walk and walk, trying to follow a bad black and white copy of a map. Finally on the right address, the store is closed, for ever. Get to another “Ferresta” close by, she does not speak English but she must be a master in charades. We almost make a pantomime show and the rest of the store looks at us. Finally she has drawn outside my map, because it is not big enough. So now I have to walk with some directions and leave the city center. And finally, yes, I ‘m there. I walk into the store; do they speak English? Yes, a young guy does! Do they have these gas bottles! Of course! Back to the boat again and people ask us, what do you do all day when you are just sailing around?
Go treasure hunting!