Not very pleased

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 15 Jul 2014 23:52
As the weather should have been good to leave we are now stuck due to technical problems.
PC Marine/John found out that the seal for the propeller shaft gets hot. The reason being that they have put a new bearing on the shaft and
unfortunately they did not think of the consequences. Now a new seal has to be ordered from USA and we are stuck after the boat has been on the yard for 2 months.
The good thing is that he checked and he wants to fix it.
The bad news is that we are soon 3 months behind schedule... within short there will be a new hurricane season and our window in the tropics is shut.
Yes yes we are spoiled rats- but we can se an end to this life and we would like to get as much as possible while we are out.
We use the time to have school with the kids and Im doing small repairs. Ellinor has started a new project, new mosquito nets for the boat. The old ones were not a brilliant solution.
Soon I will bring out my book and continue to work on that. Well one of the books...
These are the book projects right now:
"The boatyard" (V ARVET) an entrepreneurial thriller, a genre given by the editor who read it back in sweden in June. He believes strongly in the book and wants med to make some changes, but that work is still something that will take about 2-3 weeks to do. The book is 500 pages... has been rewritten 7 times by now, a four year old project.
"The nomad family" a book Im writing for families thinking about getting out on an adventure like ours. 2/3 done, only first version so far.
"The purpose" a book I got inspired to write while at home, it is a result from realizing how hard it is to understand entrepreneurship. There are so many academic theories and that is just as frustrating as when you are a filmmaker and the academic world gets into analyzing what you are doing. There is a huge barrier between analyzing afterwards and actually doing it. Today I have a feeling a lot of companies are managed by "non entrepreneurs" and they need to understand why they are failing with innovation and opportunities to make a difference (and being successful).

As you can see we can keep ourselves busy...