A night out

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 13 Aug 2013 22:35
First of all Lars Fredriksson, one of our readers asked about the book "En man som heter Ove" yes the author is Fredrik Backman.
Second, some of you have written and asked me to convince Ellinor to write, she does not know what to write about. So if you have a topic let her know.
Third... just kidding
The wind is making it's way around the corner of the island and it is a strange experience, it goes from almost none to 24 knots in a split second and then i dies again after 4 seconds. But it is like a slap. And it comes irregulary.
The weather out there has obviously been hard, some of the boats that have been out have been heaving to, and one boat talked about the two worse days he ever had sailing. We get all these news on the radionet in the morning.
Now it looks like we can move on for a few days and then we will have the SPTZ (South Pacific Tropical Zone)close by and that makes sailing very adventorous, so we will probably move tomorrow to Bora Bora or Raiatea and then duck again as the weather will be tougher again. In Swedish the name of this sea is "Stilla Havet" that means the calm sea, whoever gave this sea this name must be the same guy who baptised Greenland. Calm it is not.
But we shall not complain this spot is beautyful and Im getting to the end of the bok Im writing.
Andreas has been playing with Gustav a kid in the same age on Miss My. Unfortunally Lovisa, same age as Erika, has caught some fever.
Last night Ellinor and I had a dinner out for ourselfes. The kids made their own pancakes (while we where on board), the boat is only 100 meter from a nice restaurant that was recommended by other boaters. That is very unusual to be so close and actually finding a nice place to eat so Erika gave us free. We had our portable VHF radio with us and Erika knows how to call up, change channel and every thing. By the way Andreas was playing that one of the LEGO guys talked on the telephone with another and that was funny. He made all these noises you have on a radio, when they talked. He has not seen anybody speak on a regular phone for over a year now....
The dinner was good and it was really nice to be just the two of us. But it is really hard to look nice and take the dinghy ashore.
Ellinor put some wax in her hair to look good, and dressed in white pants and a nice sweater. I was dressed in long pants etc.
Well on that short journey we got two slaps of wind and when we came ashore Ellinors hair was standing right up and we where both wet with salt water. Ellinor was sitting with wet pants...
Next week we intend on starting Erikas school again. She is now in third grade!
Monday meeting yesterday: Everybody is happy. Andreas does not like when we are sailing... We asked why and suddenly something was revealed. Erika is making rules for them that we do not know. At sea Andreas is limited to play with five cars for instance.... Erika said she made those rules since he is so bad in cleaning after himself. Well its good to have a meeting so we can clear things... The next  discussion  was about who pays the saturday candy.And in what currency...