Some book recommendations

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 22 Nov 2014 20:46
I bet you think we read a lot, and we do read every day, but with me it's just as much as back home, I read mostly at night. The Kindle is great for that, need no light.
Lets start with Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
What a story! I'm reading it right now and it makes me read almost to the morning...
You will learn a lot about India

Ayn Rand has written a book called Fountainhead- Ellinor loved it too.

Written around 1950 it could just have been a story about Steve Jobs, but she has a message in the book...
If you find her interesting she has more on Philosophy etc

Bill Bryson is funny, start with A short History of Nearly Everything
then you just keep reading his other books, Neither here or there is so funny and at the same time eye opening about Europe, if you have a relation to/with USA, read the Lost Continent

1421, the year China discovered the world might provoke the old history about Columbus... and it might be right.
by Gavin Menzi

Adam's Tongue by Derek Bickerton, very interesting about the human evolution...

Being on a boat in the middle of an ocean it is very nice to read about something worse, flying to the moon:
The Last Man on The Moon by Astronaut Eugene Cern
And while you are it what about Tom Wolfe : The right stuff

Malcolm Gladwell, do I need to say more? Any book from him is just awesome