An almost perfect day 14.50N 37.51W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 8 Dec 2012 08:14
The half moon did rise at about four this morning, and with that the ocean came to life.
Before it was the stars who where the... stars
The children did rise about 6.30 local time this morning, so now I have set the local time even further back. It cost me some of my time off from watch, but it is worth it.
The genacker did rise about 9.30 this morning, and yes, it is BIG!
When we hauled it we had 10 knots of wind, it looked good, but then Poseidon got bored and decided to give it a go, - what about 20 knots you little humans down there? - Aha, now there is a lot of stress in the cockpit, and look how it flyes here and there! 200 square meters of sheet, it's ridicolous! Look now, they are taking it down again, BORING!
After pulling our arms 4 cm longer with a crazy genacker I went to bed.
The children have been great today, they have been building a TOTAL landscape in LEGO. That was possible because the waves where really small and you could say that the weather was also perfect for a little sailing in the middle of the Atlantic. The sun was shining and the temperature 32 degrees centigrade in the shadow (of the boat).
As everything was cool, we dropped the Killer in the wake of the boat, and soon enought we had a 5 kg Mahe Mahe struggling to live a little bit longer. The Killer is a lure that always catches fish for us. Looks like a stupid greenish squid with a hook big as my thumb, it has big eyes that can move.This lure works better than real fish.The trick we found out is also how you drag the lure behind the boat, make sure it shows above the surface at least once every  5 seconds
Today we tried a new trick when we landed the fish on deck, instead of wrestling around with a knife and make more holes in the dinghy, Ellinor took 96% alchohol and served it right away. A not so happy hour, for the fish, it died instantly without even a shake.
A plastic bag and down it went in the cooler.
Tonight we had excellent fresh fish, rice and a white wine sauce. Andreas (4 and half) is VERY disappointed that we catch fish, he prefers Pizza and Pasta. Erika (8) thinks Mahe Mahe is the best fish you can get.Tomorrow we will make a fiish soup with the rest of it.
So what made the day only almost perfect?
The wind tonight droppet to 10 knots, so we are making slow progress, very slow.And the worse part is actually the flapping of the sails when the wind is not strong enought to keep them filled, so waves hit us and off it goes, BANG! one way and BANG! the other.
Sailors are hard to please, they are like farmers, there is always something wrong with the weather.To  much wind, not enough wind, wrong direction, low tide, high tide, to cold, to hot etc...