Beating against the wind 24.06S178.55W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 12 Nov 2013 18:17
Good Morning! The sun came out again, bringing the light of hope. Showing us mercy for another day that we might live without meteors or vulcanoes making the earth a hell for us! You may laught but there is a theory that we have had five huge extinsions on earth, the most famous that killed the dinasours. Did you also know that the humans today must come from a very small group close to extinsion? Some say 10.000 individuals some say 2000. How do we know? Well if you take the genetic code from an aborgine man and one from a swedish, or dutch, the codes are closer than what you will find within a family of schimpanzees.Well  Im sure you did not look in here to read about that....
From yesterday afternoon the winds started to shift enought to mess up the windrudder, thank god we have the autopilot and even better there is so much wind that the wind generator can keep up with consumption. We are beating against the wind and that means we are "stomping" into the waves as well. We smash and we crash every 3 seconds, or if we have enought speed and a wave gets under us we simply fly before landing with a big crash. Salsa is heavy and very goal oriented so she keeps beating against, right now we keep a speed of 7.2 knots and with her attitude she does not let the waves stop her. We will see what happens tomorrow when the waves build up to 3 meters, will probably be a tough day.
Andreas came just up, first one to wake up. It is so nice when he sits next to me and leans his head on my shoulder.
He has a big red ink dot on his stomach, so I ask him what that is, he responds "It's a stamp"
"What kind of stamp?"
"It shows I'm a first class passenger..."
Well good for him.
Now Im going to make breakfast. Then it is time for the radio net.And then I can go to bed!