We have moved and what do we eat? 09.32.4N 70.54.0W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 19 Mar 2013 02:04
Today we had our first sailing session after the passage from St Marta. What a joy! Inside the reefs there are no waves but the wind is still fair.
As we left the anchorage and moved slowly between the corall reeefs we where called by Sunrise also on their way. They had lost all the power on board! They could still sail and used a handheld GPS and paper charts, but we also made sure they could follow us along.
This shows how important to have back up systems. Being without charts in these waters is probably a nightmare. Actually we do not even trust our plotter here, we use it as back up. We plot our way on paper charts to make sure we do not hit a reef.
Why they lost power is a long story but opposite of what you might think, they had to much power and the system shut down completely.
What do we eat?
As we are away from any food stores we rely on our supplies. And fresh vegetables is a problem if we cannot buy locally. Potatoes, onions and other roots are fine. Even cabbage. Fresh bread we can only get if we bake it and Ellinor does. In the evening she makes a dough and when it had yeast it goes in a pot. That pot is then put in a Thermal Cooker (Mr D) pot with a distance in the bottom and some water. The water is brought to boil and then the whole thing goes in the Thermal cooker for the night. And it bakes itself. In the morning we just take it out and fry it a little bit in a pan to make a crisp shell. That bread is just great, she uses the same recepy that you use for ciabatta.
We have home made yougurth, every day new powder milk is made and put with yesterdays yougurth in a thermos. Then when the culture has done it's job it goes in the fridge for the night.As you can probably guess food takes time. Tonight we had beefs made out of black beans and rice with tsatsiki. Yeah we have a cucumber that is amazing on board. Now Ellinor has learned from another boat how you can fry pizza in a fry pan, it has been tested on board and it was excellent. Yesterday I made the famous Pacific soup from sweet potatoes and coconut milk as we had Sunriswe for a light dinner, with that we served fresh scones and cheese. To drink you could choose from a cold white wine from Chile  or a Columbian beer.
So some of you might think we eat terrible food and some don't. It is very vegetarian. No fish now. For two reasons, there is no fishing here as the Kunas has stopped all fishing for three months. The other is that we lost our rod completely in the bad weather coming down here. It is sad and we have to get a new one in Panama.
We eat tuna that is canned (fished with line) sometimes. Then we make a wrap with tuna, onion and some mayonais, with that goes mashed potatoes and some cabbage, that is yammi!
OK  where are we? Lemon Keys. Not at all as nice anchorage as where we where. But we have to go and check in in Porvenir, we have been here far too long without doing so.
After that we will go back out in the wilderness....