The beauty of function

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 5 Sep 2013 15:46
In the Canary islands you could meet sailors that looked like they must be on the edge of surviving.
That was the perception I had. Looking at them with my consumers eyes, their clothings looked well used and sometimes even had some holes in them.
That was then.
The other day a sailboat came in next to us. They are americans, the boat is from San Diego but they have a Swedish flag. Well he is from Sweden but lives in US and found out that they are better treated if they have a Swedish flag.
Whats akward with them is that they have perfect white skirts, spotless shorts etc.
And my reaction to this tells something about the transformation we have been through.
A few days ago the beautiful powercable to our apple computers gave up. We only have one power unit on board. So either we had to give up using the best computers we have on or fix it.There is no way you can find a new here.
Well when you have to fix things today the first thing you realize is that very few screws are used. They love glue or just melting the whole unit together. So to enter that nice white transformer on the cable you have to "gently" force it apart. You start out with a small screwdriver and end up with, hammer, knife, pliers, and the force used quadruples til the point where your attacks wil open that little bastard.
OK that was it, now you repair, measure gently, solder, take some shrinking tubes to protect your new connections. And then it is time to check if it works. And after a few trials and errors that little lamp on the computer comes on showing that it is charging! Happiness!
Next thing you look at what you have done to that piece of design when you opened it up. It does not look good anymore.
To put it together you might as well take silver tape and wrap it in. Wished I had some apple logos that could be sticked on the outside of the silver tape. But happiness is a working computer... The beauty is the function.
Now Im getting worried that we will end up looking like the sailors I looked at and thought they must be starving.
Today Ellinor made me buy a pair of new shorts. But I have not put on them yet, the others I have just have a few holes in them....