How dangerous can you get?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 20 Jan 2013 00:26
As I wrote yesterday the outboard gave up.
We had a great evening at Fig Tree- Fish friday with a great chef grilling in the midle of all guests, and he was a show just by himself. He ususally travels around with his little boat selling vegetables so it was a big surprise to see him dressed in white and being a chef. Today when he came by the boat he wanted to sell Pumpkin, so we complemented him for the food yesterday and he was so happy. What do we do with pumpkin? And he suggested a soup recipe that we tried tonight, and it was GREAT!
Back to yesterday night, at 10pm we went back to the boat and had to row the dinghy, but thank god the current was with us.
Slept well but this morning the outboard came up on deck and I started to take it apart. Cleaned the parts around the fuelnjection and hoped for the best. To put the engine together took a brain surgeons capability since the parts are small and as I wrote one screw holds 14 parts.Ellinor came up with a great idea on how to work that out and it all went well.Done. I put the engine back, filled it with new oil and gas.
It runs! but there is a small but...It only runs on full throttle!
This meas you start it on full gas, et it down til it almost stops, put the gear in and then you have to give it full throottle again.
It was amaizing to see Ellinor perform that task today as she and the kids left for Reading Saturday at the Fig Tree. It is a great gathering where local children and boat children meet and read together. I was on the boat writing my book so Ellinor took off in full speed between the boats, it looked hilareous! Same thing whe they came back, I hear a roar and when I looked towards it, there she came in full speed! We always hate those that drive fast between boats in the bay.... So now we have to consider next step with the engine....
Maybe give it some anestesia so it cools down?