Partytime in Fulaga

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 18 Oct 2014 08:33
As we spent one month in Fulaga there were 2 occations were we could attend a feast
First one was to celebrate the group from Savu that had installed solar panels on the island
If someone decides to sing or perform they can count on having a "twin" that will make fun of them, the woman next to the guitar player was hilarious
Here a women tries to make fun of the "warriors" performing a dance
Another woman mimiking the serious dancer
When you perform you can expect to get white powder on your face
Singing is really something most people seem to be good at
This is the Yangona root that is made to kava
When the yangona is transfered as a gift, there is a speech held to show the importance of the gift
and the acceptance of the giver--- Vinaka- vinaka
Kava is poundered in a steel tank first and then worked to a finer powder by the kava ceremony
The yangona is then put in a cloth and pressed in fresh water to produce kava
The coconut shell is passed on so all get their share
You can see the kava bowl surrounded by men in sulus (the skirt used when there is an important meeting or celebration)
Everybody eats together and even the palangis are welcome, opposite Andreas, Erika and Ellinor is Sophie, Becky and Blake from Windarra
The effect of kava seemes to be "sentimental", well it certanly does not make anybody loud or violent
Dancing is perfomed sitting
The music is performed behind the dancers
Selote, our host at Fulaga