Mayreau 12.38N61.23W Why do we read?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 5 Jan 2013 11:07
probably this blogg will get boring by now, I will try not to misuse the words great, beautyful etc.
We left Tobago Cais after two night, the last night was very windy and bumpy. That goes for the region, that it is mostly quite strong winds, around 20-25 knots. But as the temperature is around 30 degrees that's fine with us.
Now we are anchored by an empty beach with palmtrees and it is all very clean and nice.
Andreas is learning to swim in the shallow waters, and he is making progress, as he puts it himself: - now I can swim under the water!
And that is true, he does not know how to get up and get some air, so he swims until he needs air and then stands up....or we save his life.
Yesterday Ellinor and I had our first dinner on our own since I don't know when (probably over a year). Lisa and Gustaf had a pannkace evening with the kids and we had a great creol fish dinner ashore.
A philosophical question:
As I try to learn not to do anything, I watch. And what do I see?
Let's take a place like Tobago cays, people have gone a long way to get there, some sailing all the way from US, Europe even Australia. Some are there with charter boats. They anchor in the midst of a water that is like a jewel, so are we. The beauty is there and it is hard to know what to do with it. Even if it is breath taking, we have to breathe. How many times can you look at it and try to understand that you are here? So what do we all do? Most people will read a book. About anything, a good book simply put.
So we sail for six months to anchor in a jewel and the purpose is to read?
I asked the others on board and the answer was that we probably want a nice place to be, a good climate but we also want to feed the brain with a good story or something. Well I do read myself so I´m throwing a stone from a house of glass....