Pirates of the Carribean 13.14N 61.16W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 29 Dec 2012 13:51
How silly it may sound, we are at scene of where some of the Disney film was shot.
After a rought night where we had to leave the buoy at about 3 am and seek a place for anchoring, and then leave that place 0600 am because it is a fishing spot, we cleared out of St Lucia (first customs then immigration, and it takes time!)
So we left the magnificent Pitons behind us and set off across to St Vincent aiming for Bequia.
The crossing was hard on our guests, we hade side waves and a good wind but by the time we came to St Vincent we decided to make the trip shorter and went for Wallilabou. A most beautiful and dramatic scenery that obviously suited the filmmakers as well.
When starting the engine to move in, it started soon to get overheated! This is getting almost boring! So we stopped outside the bay and while I was taking things apart we had some local guys in a boat trying to have us give them a line so they could tow us. They where really keen and took not a no for an answer. The pump works great, the impeller worked, I dived under, nothing in the way, filter clear etc. Put it all back again, started and it all worked fine. Came in got the last mooring, cleared customs (that takes about an hour), everybody on board was swimming in the christal clear water that has a temperature of a 32 degrees C. In the evening Gustaf offered to buy us dinner in a small restaurant just by the water so we took the dinghy 25meters ashore and got a lovely dinner. Slept wonderfully and now the rest of the gang is on a walk to check a waterfall nearby. I have taken the heat exchanger apart to check if there is any problem and there was a lot of chalk or what it is called in english.
When that was done I took the kayak for a ride in this great bay. There is an arch of stone that is like the one in Paris but made by nature.
Probably we will move towards Bequia soon after lunch. We will see....