This is why you bring children!

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 21 Sep 2014 01:15
Family excursion on our own, we took the dinghy following the coast of Fulaga island and stopped by a small cave I had seen when out paddling.
Thought the kids would like to crawl in and have a look. We anchored the dinghy and slipped into the water. Erika first of course and once in the cave she yelled she wanted a torch. I had brought a headlight in case there was something to explore. And was it? We all went in and slipped under a narrow bar, waded in a small pool of water and crawled a narrow passage, inside was a small chapel! We could stand up and move around in different levels. And best of all, there were big and small stalactides and the whole scenery was revealed in magnificent by our headlamp.
Erika kept saying "this is why you bring children on a trip! Without us you would have not found this!"
I guess we have to agree...
At low tide we are allowed to burn paper on the beach (yes you burn it when the water is low in a place that will be covered by water when going up), and we had some paper to burn so we went to a nice little secluded beach, fired up and the kids started to climb around the cliffs.
Suddenly Erika yells "there is a snake skin here come and look!"
No it was not a snake skin, it was a mighty big snake that had crawled inside a hole and was maybe sleeping. Most probably it was the most poisonous snake in the world, the ring snake, we have seen them before and it is always scary when you see them. People keep telling us that if you want to be killed by one, you have to spread your fingers and give the snake the skin between them, thats the only size he/she can bite. Their mouth is to small for anything else.
Back to the boat for lunch and a nap and then we were invited to One White Tree for some story telling. We were very curious as they went to an inhabited island with 7 people from this island to take down a tree and gather some big pieces of wood for woodwork.
The islanders have no boat here that is big enought to go on open sea. Dianne and Russ offered them to go there since they want a kava bowl and there are no trees big enought here in Fulaga (pronounce Fulanga).
It started with a promise to two of the carpenters and ended with 7 people on board that slept over for one night.
We got to see pictures from the adventure and it was amazing to see the pieces of log they took on board a sailing catamaran.