Tyrrel Bay Carriacou N 12.29 W61.27

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 27 Jan 2013 22:51
Yesterday we pulled the anchor after having a great visit from Ulla and Per on Loupan.
Aswe pulled the anchor I had to dive and get a line we had secured around an old mooring stone as an extra safety.
Coming down to the big "stone" I was attacked by a murray (Moräna) the fish had its territory under it and did not like me getting close...
We had a great ride with 20 knots of wind going down south but realised that we had started so late we would arrive to Carriacou after dark.
So as we had 24 hours to leave the country we decided to anchor at Chatham Bay in Union Island.
Not long before we got there our line started to scream and Ellinor pulled home her first fish, a 4 kg tuna.
When we had anchored a local guy came and offered us to eat dinner on the beach, kids free and as we had not enought cash he took what we had and we where allowed to bring our own drinks.
He also picked us up from the boat and returned after we where done.
The setting was magnificent, just sand, tables and chairs, oil lamps (no electricity) and the sound of cicadas (or something similar).
The food was OK , a itle bit to cold to our taste, but we got Mahe, conch frittes, rice, garlic potatoes and as a desert some kind of bananacake.
As we came back I turned on the shortwave radio and got in contact with Gustaf on Caminante! Amazing to talk beyond VHF limits!
This morning we went up, had a morning swim, breakfast and took off to Carriacou.
Tonight we had our tuna with home made french fries. I took a long tour with the kayak and got in a mangroove water system that was so still and hot I was really soeaked when I got back.
It was sad to leave al friends behind, but also nice to just be for ourselves for a while. We<have no doubts we will meet great people in the coming journey.