Salsa ashore

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 2 Apr 2014 03:31

Do you recognize the picture?
It is from Panama just a year ago, and as Salsa came on the hard it was about
time for Andreas birthday. Amazing, Andreas never had his birthday on the water!
April 12 we had not started the journey.
April 13 We were on the hard in Panama.
April 14 on the hard in New Zealand...
Yesterday it was a very hard day of work. We started early and took Salsa to the liftup while it was high tide.
Andrew the guy who lifted her did a great job and together with Craig all went very smooth and controlled.
Lifting 17 tons is always interesting, to say the least.
As she came up we started with cleaning her right away.
And then we looked through what she needs to be attended to.
Now we are living ashore on the boat. This means we cannot use the showers or the faucets anymore. 
But the good news is that we are very close to the marina facilities here.
Now we live a little bit more than 4 meters above the ground, does not sound like much but it is high when you climb the ladder up and down.
Ellinor had to go up the mast to fasten the backstay again since we are due to more bad weather soon. But she could not get the new insulator in place and finally she had to give up and come down again. Craig grinded the eye of the insulator but we decided to put it off to later since the wind had picked up considerably.

Im working on the deck, now it is the screws that have come up to daylight that need to be taken away, the holes drilled deeper and new screws have to go in.
Then you put a new plug of teak with some epoxi. Bang bang and you wait till the epoxi has hardened. Then you grind it down to the same level as the rest of the teak deck. I have done 50 and have about 150 more to go...