Sunday in the bay

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 24 Jun 2013 04:28
Today we decided to make it a free day for Erika, no school.
And it is strange, as soon as we know that, lot´s of projects gets going.
Ellinor wanted to take off mold on the sprayhood so I was fighting screws to get it off.
Then we decided to check the compartments in the aft, for animals, dirt and other fun stuff that can occur in a damp place.
It all looked surprisingly clean.
Ellinor started to clean the sprayhood with salt water and lemonjuce (recomendation from Mary, thanks!).
I decided to measure the 24 alternator in the engine since I suspected that it gave not full power. Well it went very well after tightning up the fan belt to it.
Next thing I felt pain in my stomach and went to bed, jumped the lunch and fell asleep.
It has been with me all day, but I feel better if I do not eat.
The afternoon we where at the beach with four other boats. This deserted place looked like a resort with kids everywhere.
Markus from the boat Supermolly made a fire, bbq:d some fresh tuna that was great.
It was hard to get the kids back on board before dark. It gets dark already at 5.30 and the sun comes up 12 hours later.
But even if it is dark the temperature s around 29 degrees celsius.
Dag our DP reminded us that since we have ben out a year it is time for AS, Annual Survey, so I have started doing that.
It is all about checking everything on board, especially the safety equipment that tendas to just sit there and may nt work when you need it. I have also learned that everything you want to work should be started at least once a week. The strangest thing is to start the heaters in this heat. We are counting on makeing a real good AS in Papete, once we get there. Im not going to force open any fittings in the hull without having proper support nearby. Here you cannot count on anything at all. There are no facilities whatsoever.
Tomorrow we go to Hiva Oa and count on wifi and a possibility to upload pictures.Hope it works!