Marine radio

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 26 Aug 2013 17:48
Sorry to bother you with my fantasies but last night after I sent away the blogg, my mind started to enjoy itself...
The radionet is a place where you get to hear many reports and Im making these two up, BUT they are inspired from the real life.
I also forgot that you say "over" when finished with your broadcast, but the english say "ova!"
Here we go
-Next vessel at anchor or under way?
-Ah yes, Godfather! Where are you?
-We are at anchor in Southern Tahiti, ova!
-And how is it there? Over?
-A little bit stirred ova!
-How come? Over
-We are experiencing 60-70 knots of wind, and lot of boats aren't properly anchored ova!
-My god! That's a lot of wind!
-And rather bumpy, I must say...oooops, hold it....yes honey! Use the dog!
-What's happening?
-Oh, sorry, yes... a 70 foot steel ketch just bumped in to us I guess ova!
-But maybe you should ...
-Oh No, my wife can handle that...can't you darling?...Use the dog! I say!
-Sorry to be curious but what do you do with the dog? over?
- Oh that it in France... well it's a god fender, always there you see ova!
- Oppps!
-Yes it is inconvinient ova!
-Yes poor dog! over
-No, no, for my wife, the dog is sick you see...
Let's leave this fantasy
Next one:
-Next vessel under way!
-Hallo Dreamweaver! Yur position please!
Positions etc, midway between Galapagos and Marquesas (meaning there is no land within 2000 miles)
-Everything well on board?
-I guess so... but we should talk to someone ...about rigging  ova
-Rigging, do you have a problem?
-Not really, it's just a stay that broke loose ova!
-A stay? That's serious!
-Oh, no it's on the lee side... but before we jibe we have to do something... or we continue to Alaska....havn't been there as a matter of fact...
-OK so we announce to the net, traffic for Dreamweaver with a rigger please Over!
-To late
-To late?
-Yes it fell. Honey can you jump in the water and get the light bubbles from the mast top? They cost a fortune!
-Net control to Dreamweaver, I repeat, did you loose you rigg? Over!
-Hallo...yes... this will slow us down... ova