At dockside

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 15 Nov 2014 07:48
It was a long time ago Salsa was tied to a dock, with electricity and water!

Suddenly we can just wash things and let the water flow!
And we can use our computers etc without limits! Not to mention, we can put bottles of water in the fridge!
Ellinor was up the mast and repaired our tricolor light.
I have been in the engine room and started a 200 hour service on our Volvo Penta, even with the fan going it is hot in there.
When I'm done it is time to do a job I hate to tell you about. In New Zealand we did a huge job on out teak deck, putting new sica and replacing 300 plugs.
It all went well but when we came to the hot climate we can tell one of the tubes of Sicaflex is "melting". we have done exact the same work all over deck but on one specific spot on deck it has all started to get soft and smeary. We have taped over it so we wont get that black stuff all over the boat. Blue Water Marine Services in NZ has hewlped us to complain and what we got from Sicaflex is two new tubes sent to Fiji. Thank you!  Now we just have the fun job of digging all the old sica out and start a new process, cleaning with acetone, new fix and then hoping this will not happen again.

Ellinor took some pictures that show our location now and also the very important spot for our cyclone mooring.
You can see the orange life boat, beyond is a reef and beyond that is where we will be.
Beyond you can see the "channel" coming into where we are, where you see some boats in the distance, that's where 
Savusavu is. Mind you, first you pass a big reef, then you enter a big "lake" and from there we take the channel into here.
Very safe indeed.

This boats are secured with cyclone mooring, as you can see there is plenty of room

Salsa af Stavsnäs
Callsign SLOR
Sattelite number 
+87 077 399 1871
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